Adult Orthodontics Have Never Been Easier

Adult orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular, and you may already know some people who have had their teeth straightened, or more likely you will not have realised unless they have actually told you. This is because modern adult orthodontics are quite different from even a few years ago, and can discreetly straighten teeth so no one need know you are having orthodontic treatment, unless you choose to let them in on your secret.

Orthodontics BromleyIf you have ever hankered after a straighter smile, but didn’t want to spend months or even years wearing unsightly braces, then now is your moment. A quick consultation with our orthodontic dentist in Bromley will be sufficient to help you decide which braces system is right for you. We have two different systems, which between them can correct most common orthodontic problems.

Clear Braces

One of the systems offered by Bromley Dental Practice is Clear Braces. This uses a series of clear trays that look a bit like mouthguards. These guide your teeth into the correct position. The trays are exchanged for fresh sets every two weeks as your teeth gradually begin to move. The mouth trays are virtually invisible, and are custom-designed for you to be comfortable to wear.

You will need to keep them in for approximately twenty two hours each day, but you should take them out whenever you eat or drink something. Removable clear braces in Bromley are very easy to use, and incredibly easy to keep clean. There is no need to worry about having to use fiddly floss threaders or other special tools to clean your teeth and braces, as all you need to do is to brush and floss as normal. Your clear aligners can be rinsed and gently brushed.

Inman Aligner

Not everyone will need complete orthodontic treatment. If you have just one or two crooked teeth in the front of your mouth then you may be able to choose a different orthodontic system that is cosmetically oriented. We offer our patients the option of the Inman Aligner. This is a removable brace that is focused on only moving the front teeth. It is ideal if your front teeth stick out slightly, or if they overlap or are a bit crowded. It will not work if you have problems in the way your teeth meet together as it is not designed to correct major orthodontic problems.

The system works by using two thin metal bows that are powered by nickel titanium coil springs. One bow is behind the teeth while the other is in front of the teeth. The bow on the inner surfaces of the teeth pushes outwards, while the bow on the outer surfaces of the teeth pushes inwards. This gives the appliance a greater range of movement, making it more effective and a lot faster.

Dr Zaki Bashir or another of our dentists in Bromley will suggest the most suitable treatment for you, depending on your bite problems.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Why Choose Dental Implants?

If you have lost a tooth, or perhaps several teeth, then Dr Zaki Bashir in Bromley will almost certainly have emphasised the importance of replacing it. This is because all your teeth are designed to work together, and if even one is missing, it can negatively affect your remaining teeth. Your choices of tooth replacement range from dental bridges, to partial or full dentures, or dental implants. Dental implants are the most expensive option, so why should you choose them?

A Dental Implant is like a Tooth Root

Dental Implants BromleyWhen you lose a tooth then one of the side effects can be bone resorption in that area of your mouth. A normal healthy tooth root stimulates the surrounding bone through transmitting the forces created during biting and chewing into this bone. This action stimulates the bone into replacing old bone cells as they die off, so the bone is continually renewed and stays strong.

When the root is removed this no longer happens, and as the bone reabsorbs it can create problems with your remaining teeth, making them less stable, or if you have lost a lot of teeth then you will eventually notice a change in your facial dimensions. Someone who has been wearing dentures for a very long time will often notice their face seems to collapse in on itself.

Dental implants can be the healthiest option for tooth replacement as they are designed to act like natural tooth roots. This means the bone is continually stimulated and will replace old cells as they die off.

Dental Implants can Function Just like Natural Teeth

Dental implants create a strong and stable foundation that can be used to support single crowns and dental bridges. These restorations are cemented or screwed in place and can be treated in exactly the same way as natural teeth. If you have loose dentures, then ask our implant dentist in Bromley about implant retained dentures. Just a few dental implants can be used to retain full upper or lower dentures, so the cost of treatment is well within the reach of many people.

Dental implants have a very high success rate of approximately 95% or even higher, and our implant dentist in Bromley is very experienced in implantology. We use Strauman dental implants as these are high quality implants that are thoroughly tested, and which are widely used throughout the world.

A consultation with our implant dentist in Bromley will let you know if this treatment is right for you. It is true that dental implants are not suitable for everyone, as if you have diabetes or certain other medical conditions then there is a higher risk of failure. If you smoke then be prepared to quit before implant surgery as smoking impedes healing. If you are suitable then dental implants are worth the effort and additional cost, especially in the longer term, as they can last for many years. Properly placed and cared for dental implants in Bromley offer the most permanent means of tooth replacement.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.