Learn Why Root Canal Therapy is Such a Great Treatment

Some people are fearful about having root canal therapy as for some reason this particular treatment has wholly undeserved reputation for being unpleasant. Those who have actually had it are often pleasantly surprised to find it’s similar to having a filling and really isn’t anything to be concerned about. In fact it’s a great way of preserving teeth that are badly infected, and before this technique was developed dentist in Bromley would’ve had no other option but to pull the tooth. Tooth extraction is something that Bromley Dental Practice works hard to try to avoid; it’s always best to preserve natural teeth for as long as possible as they are perfectly designed for the job in hand.

Dentist BromleyWhy is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?
Root canal treatment is necessary if the central part of the tooth called the pulp has become infected. The pulp is a collection of nerves and blood vessels, and any type of injury to it can be very painful. This can happen if bacteria in the mouth have eaten away at the tooth causing a large cavity that extends far into the tooth. When the pulp has become infected with bacteria it will die and cannot be saved. The only option is to remove the diseased tissue and to thoroughly clean out the pulp chamber, as well as all the root canals that are connected to the pulp and which extend right down into the tooth roots. The pulp can also become damaged if the tooth has been injured or knocked. Sometimes the pulp will begin to die straightaway while other times the process can take years to occur.

Treatment to remove a damaged pulp is skilled, as it’s important that all the root canals are thoroughly cleaned out. It’s carried out under local anaesthetic and the time required for the appointment can depend on the number of root canals in the tooth. Once the pulp is removed the tooth is non-vital, but can still function perfectly normally once it’s fully restored.

Will My Tooth Look Normal Afterwards?
Restoration of a retreated tooth normally means the tooth will need to be crowned. This helps protect the tooth and provides additional support and structure, something that might be especially important if the tooth was very badly decayed. Afterwards the tooth can be treated in exactly the same way as natural teeth, and it should last for a very long time. Regular professional dental care is important so make sure you keep up with your check-ups with Dr Zaki Bashir, as well as having regular hygiene appointments to keep the restored tooth clean and free from tartar build-ups.

Avoiding Root Canal Treatment
Once the tooth is infected there’s no avoiding this treatment, but preventative dental care can lessen the need for root canal treatment in the first place through ensuring any signs of dental decay are treated quickly before the pulp becomes infected.

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