Enjoy a healthy, confident smile with Invisalign in Bromley

If you’re hoping to enhance your smile and enjoy healthy teeth and gums, consider a visit to our friendly team at Bromley Dental practice. We are delighted to offer patients the opportunity to have Invisalign in Bromley to help straighten and correct misaligned teeth. We believe in the power of a confident smile and look forward to helping you on your journey to achieve it.


Not only does Invisalign in Bromley help to align your teeth, but it also offers a host of additional benefits to the patient as well. Invisalign can help to correct teeth overlapping or overcrowding, they can help reduce a visible gap, in addition to correcting an overbite or underbite. This can help to strengthen your bite force and aid digestion for improved general health too. A straighter smile is also known to boost confidence so you can smile freely knowing you have the smile you have always dreamed of.

If you’re interested in pursuing this leading orthodontic solution simply reach out to us for an appointment and our orthodontist will be happy to arrange a consultation with you. The visit will include a simple assessment of your teeth and gums to determine if Invisalign is the right solution for you. Each patient is unique and has their own set of specs and goals. Here, at Bromley Dental, we believe in a customised approach and will tailor the treatment plan so that you can enjoy the best results possible.

Why is it important to correct misaligned teeth that are overlapping or overcrowded?

Did you know that it’s common for patients who have overcrowding or overlapping teeth to experience an increase in plaque build-up and bacteria? This is due to the patient being unable to effectively access their teeth during brushing and flossing. As a result, the plaque builds up over time and may lead to cavities or even gum disease forming. Invisalign in Bromley helps to correct the misalignment and create more space between your teeth for a more effective clean.

Enhance your smile using removable aligner trays

One of the leading benefits of choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces is that the patient can easily remove the aligner trays. Traditional braces are usually fixed onto the patient’s teeth while Invisalign aligners can be easily removed without having to wait until the end of the treatment period. For optimal results, our orthodontist recommends wearing the aligners for around 20 hours a day, leaving you 4 hours a day without the need to wear them. This allows the freedom to eat and drink without wearing your aligners and easy access to brush and floss your natural teeth.

Enjoy a diverse range of foods thanks to Invisalign

Another great benefit of choosing to have Invisalign is that it can help to improve your bite force and aid digestion. Teeth crowding commonly affects a patient’s ability to bite and chew effectively and may slow down digestion. Thanks to Invisalign, it can help to create more space between your teeth, strengthening your bite force and helping with your ability to break down food particles with ease.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


4 Reasons Dental implants in Bromley can help to improve your quality of life

If you’re looking to find a way to replace missing or loose teeth and would like to improve the quality of your life, consider dental implants in Bromley.


We are delighted to offer this treatment here at Bromley Dental Practice and look forward to seeing how we can assist you with your new smile. Not only do dental implants in Bromley help to improve your bite force and aid digestion, but it can also boost your self-esteem levels and enhance your smile. Other benefits include improvements to your pronunciation and better health overall. If you’re considering having dental implants, reach out to our friendly receptionist who would be happy to book in a consultation for you.

Dental implant surgery can help to strengthen your bite force

One of the reasons many patients consider having dental implant surgery is that the implant can help to strengthen your bite force and ability to bite and chew food. This in turn helps to improve digestion so that you can enjoy better health and wellbeing overall.

So, how do dental implants from Bromley Dental work exactly? Thanks to incredible improvements to modern dentistry today, the implants we create both look and function in the same way as your natural teeth. The implant enables patients to bite and chew food in the same way as you would with your natural teeth so that you can break down food particles into smaller pieces. Patients are also able to enjoy a variety of foods with no limitations resulting in the freedom to dine out with family and friends without any hesitation.

Patients can look forward to minimal downtime following surgery

Another advantage to choosing to have dental implants in Bromley is that patients will not need to endure any major downtime. Patients will be able to return to their normal daily schedule soon after the procedure. There is minimal pain and discomfort involved and the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. Should you experience any pain or discomfort, we recommend an over-the-counter painkiller from your local pharmacy which can help to reduce the symptoms.

Enjoy improved general health and wellbeing

In addition to an improved bite force and better digestion, dental implant surgery can help to enhance your general health and wellbeing. We all know that dental implant surgery offers a variety of benefits such as an improved bite force, better digestion, and minimal downtime. Another advantage is that your general health will improve after having dental implants fitted to replace missing teeth.

Reduce your risk of cavities with dental implant surgery

For many patients all around the world it’s common to experience cavities. Thanks to dental implant surgery your risk of having cavities will decrease as your missing teeth are replaced with durable implants. As they are crafted from resin, they are not susceptible to cavities and are not at risk of having plaque and tartar build-up over time. Resin cannot decay and as a result your implant will boost your oral health levels and reduce your risk of cavities.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Resolve tooth alignment issues with Invisalign

If you live with crooked teeth then you will have an understanding of the issues that they can cause you in your daily fight for good oral health standards, you may well feel less than satisfied with your overall oral hygiene standards. You should be aware of the fact that living with misaligned teeth is one of the most common oral health conditions amongst adults living in the United Kingdom today. Many people have a daily struggle to maintain the standard of oral health they feel they need and this can lead to them living with some discomfort in their  mouths.


It could be that you were offered tooth alignment treatment earlier in your life, but opted not to receive the treatment as you felt you were in a sensitive stage of your development, as you may have been in your early teen years. This may have led you to believe that the opportunity to receive the treatment you feel you need has passed you by, but this is not the case.

You may also feel that you do not want wire braces on your teeth as you think that they are unsightly and not suitable for someone living as an adult, this is why we would ask you to consider Invisalign in Bromley.

At Bromley Dental Practice we can help you to gain the perfectly aligned teeth that you are seeking, this will help you to improve your oral health and hygiene standards. Best of all, we can help you do this in a way that is totally discreet.

A modern discreet treatment

We are very aware that adults who are seeking to undergo tooth alignment treatment wish to do so in a way that allows them to keep their treatment private and without affecting the image others see of their teeth and mouth. For this reason, Invisalign in Bromley may be the treatment solution that many adults living with misaligned teeth may be looking for.

The devices used during this treatment programme are created by moulding two layers of clear plastic together to create a series of alignment devices that are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual patient being treated, this means you will receive a treatment that is completely targeted to meet your tooth alignment needs.

You will need to wear each aligner in your mouth for around two weeks and then replace it with the next aligner in your treatment programme, you will be shown how you can remove and replace your alignment devices by yourself. You will need to follow the treatment programme as it is laid out as this will allow you to gain the best possible results from your alignment treatment.

Deciding to undergo tooth alignment treatment is a big commitment for you to undertake, as your treatment could take twelve to eighteen months to complete. We are certain that once you see the results you will feel that the commitment was well worth making.

Gaining more details

If you are considering undergoing tooth alignment treatment using Invisalign in Bromley then we invite you to contact our dental practice to find out more details about the treatment and to book a consultation to have your misaligned teeth fully examined so your needs can be fully assessed.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Restoring your lost teeth with dental implants

Did you know that a growing number of adults living in the United Kingdom have experienced tooth loss, whether it be the loss of a single tooth, several teeth from one area of the mouth or total tooth loss? As you become more and more active in your life you may find that you are exposing your teeth to more risks on a daily basis, as with activity comes the risk of you being involved in an accident that could lead to an impact to your mouth.


Many of us wrongly believe that the largest cause of tooth loss in the UK is due to people living with poor oral health and hygiene standards. While this is one of the largest  contributory factors, it is by no means the number one reason why tooth loss occurs. Being involved in some kind of accident is the number one cause of tooth loss in the nation, this could include a road traffic accident, an incident in the home or on a sports playing field as we all know an accident can happen anywhere and at any time.

If you have suffered from tooth loss you may find yourself trying to find a way to replace your missing teeth, but you may feel that bridges or dentures do not offer you the solution you are   looking for as they do not offer you a fixed tooth replacement option.

At Bromley Dental Practice we can help our patients to regain their missing teeth in a way that feels natural and is fixed and stable within a patient’s mouth. Dental implants in Bromley can offer patients an alternative to the use of oral devices such as bridges or dentures.

A tooth replacement solution that suits your needs

Having your missing teeth replaced with dental implants in Bromley will allow you to feel like you never lost your teeth, as they will sit comfortably in your mouth alongside any existing teeth you still have and you will find that you can use them in a way that is perfectly normal to you. There is also no need to be overly concerned about caring for your new replacement teeth as you will not have to learn any new cleaning routines, just continue to brush your teeth twice a day and your replacement should remain in a suitable condition.

Your new tooth or teeth will be created from a strong ceramic crown that is extremely hard-wearing, this crown will also be coloured and shaped in such a way that it will blend in with your natural teeth once in place. Your replacement tooth or teeth will then be held in position using a titanium screw that will be placed in your jawbone in order to create a strong and sturdy base for your new tooth or teeth.

We have treated many patients who have suffered tooth loss using this form of tooth replacement treatment, all of whom report being very happy with the results of their treatment.

Regain your teeth

If you are looking for a great way to regain your missing teeth then we would encourage you to consider dental implants in Bromley as the results of this treatment will give you the natural-feeling teeth that you will be completely happy to use in your daily life.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Top tips for maintaining Invisalign from our team

When it comes to straightening your teeth, you will not find an option that is more discreet than an invisible aligner.


Made from transparent plastic and custom-made for your teeth, these nifty orthodontic tools are ideal for correcting misalignments in those with mild to moderate dental spacing or crowding cases.

When you come to see our team at the Bromley Dental Practice, we will always be happy to discuss your suitability for Invisalign in Bromley and will be sure to answer any queries that you have in jargon-free language, so you can understand every part of this process.

But, before getting to that, you may be curious about the aligners themselves; how do you maintain Invisalign in Bromley? Here are some top tips from our team.

Keep them clean

In order to keep Invisalign in Bromley functioning as a tool and to keep your teeth free from gum disease or tooth decay, you will need to keep the aligners clean. So, be sure to clean them twice a day (minimum) with cold water and a soft-bristled brush. Be sure that you brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligners back in your mouth.

There are even aligner-friendly cleaning crystals that you can use that have a minty taste for them. Or, if you prefer, you can even use a denture cleaner. Just be sure that they are clean, as this will prevent secondary issues from occurring in your mouth.

Wear them as directed

Invisible aligners are typically worn for at least 20-22 hours per day, so it’s important to wear them as directed by our team. If you do not follow the directions as set down in your treatment plan, it may take longer for your teeth to straighten, or they may even revert to their previous positions.

Take them out

When you are eating or drinking, it is recommended to take the aligners out. Unless you are drinking water, in which case, you can keep them in.

This will prevent staining, will help to keep them safe (and protect them against damage from hard foods), and will ensure that you have time to clean them.

Keep them in a safe place

When you take your aligners out, make sure to keep them in a secure place, such as the case, to avoid losing or damaging them. While they are strong enough to move your teeth, it is not advisable to simply toss them into a bag or your pocket, as this can cause them to warp. So, keep them safe!

Visit our team regularly

To ensure that these aligners work as planned, you will need to follow the schedule of regular check-ups with our team to monitor the progress of your treatment. There is an associated app, which is downloadable for smartphones, which we recommend to all of our patients who are using these aligners. It allows you to send us photos of your smile, so we can assess how the treatment is progressing without you needing to come into the surgery.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Advantages of dental implants explained by our team

When it comes to restoring a smile that has a few gaps, many people assume that the only option is to have a bridge or denture fitted.


However, you can now have a denture, a bridge or even a single tooth attached to your jawline with the help of oral implants, reducing the need for dental glues or other adhesives.

When you come to Bromley Dental Practice, our team will be able to assess your suitability for dental implants in Bromley and will be more than happy to perform the procedure and oversee every part of the aftercare, ensuring that your implants last a long time.

So, what are 5 of the core benefits of having dental implants in Bromley fitted? Here is a quick guide from our team.

Improved appearance

Dental implants in Bromley are colour matched to blend in with your surrounding teeth. So, if you are having a single tooth replaced, no one will notice that you have had this procedure done.

Also, as they are stable in the mouth, there will be no issues related to movement, meaning that you will be more likely to show them off.

Increased durability

Oral implants are generally considered to be a very durable solution for missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years, and in some cases, they can last a lifetime.

Indeed, one of the core benefits patients report after having implants fitted, and the associated prosthetics, is how much stronger their bite and chewing strength is. So, provided that you maintain your oral implants, they will be able to bite into and chew food with the same strength as your natural teeth.

Better oral health

Oral implants do not require the reduction of adjacent teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge does. This helps to preserve your natural teeth and maintain their strength and function.

Also, as they close spacing in the mouth permanently, you will not be able to accumulate plaque and bacteria, which will mean fewer issues with cavities on your natural teeth and a lessened chance of gum disease.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining oral implants is similar to maintaining natural teeth.

Brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and use dental floss or interdental cleaners to remove plaque and food particles from around the implant.

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings with our team are important to ensure that your implant is healthy and to detect any potential problems early on. But try to treat them as you treat your natural teeth, and everything will be fine.

Clearer speech

Many people are surprised to realise that the position of the teeth, and the lack of teeth, can cause their speech to sound different.

And, when you are wearing dentures or bridges that are supported by dental glue, these devices can still move, causing you to use your tongue less and leading to mumbling. As implants hold your teeth in place, they can allow you to speak clearly, and with better inflection. Contact us to find out more about these popular restorations.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Invisalign welcomes you to the twenty-first century!

Dental treatment for misaligned dentition has made enormous strides over the past few decades thanks in part to the developments made in technology. For many years dental X-rays delivered a black and white image with limitations. Now we have scanners which can take intraoral images at the rate of three thousand a second, in three dimensions and in colour. The scanners are also very safe as there is no radiation to worry about. This allows us to provide you with efficient and comfortable treatment using Invisalign in Bromley. This amazing technology takes away all the guesswork because we can produce accurate virtual images for you. Making a decision about whether to proceed with treatment or not is made easier by our experienced dentist being able to show you what your smile will look like before treatment begins. This should encourage you to see that you too can have a smile to be proud of in the future.


A different type of misalignment appliance

Invisalign in Bromley does not work in the same way as traditional braces do with blocks on your teeth, wires and bands. Instead the aligner or tray as it is sometimes called looks more like a conventional gum shield. The treatment involves a series of trays being produced, each one shaped slightly differently so that your teeth will be gently moved into alignment.

Digitised efficiency

At Bromley Dental Practice our team have over fifteen years of experience in correcting dental misalignment. We make use of the latest computer software and hardware to bring you accurate and comfortable relief. Digitisation allows us to eliminate the need for dental putty to create an image of your teeth. Using the images created by the 3D scanner and algorithms within the Invisalign in Bromley software we are able to produce a comprehensive treatment plan. We need to communicate with the laboratory to produce your specific trays based on the condition we are treating. This could be an overcrowded mouth, overbite, underbite or various other misalignment conditions. Each treatment is unique and requires a specific number of trays.

Discreet treatment in plain sight

The trays are made of a thermoplastic material which is clear and, therefore, almost indiscernible. This has made the treatment very popular with young and more mature patients alike. The traditional dental brace was made from metal and was fixed to the front of your teeth making it impossible to not be seen. Now there is no need to feel self-conscious about having dental misalignment treatment.

A lot more adaptable

The more severe the condition being treated the greater the number of trays required to complete the treatment. The trays must be worn for at least twenty-two hours per day, but can be removed for eating and to be able to brush your teeth. Each tray requires between two and three weeks to complete its work before moving to the next tray. Treatment can range from six months to twenty-four months. Once treatment has been completed one more aligner needs to be worn which will help to keep your teeth in their new position. The duration of this is usually a few weeks and when we give you the go ahead you can remove this final aligner and reveal your broad, confident and radiant smile to everyone.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Dental functions restored with dental implants!

Standing alone or providing support for a bridge or dentures, the use of dental implants in Bromley has helped us at Bromley Dental Practice to bring relief to patients who have lost teeth either through dental decay or an accident. The fact that they work by imitating your natural teeth allows us to produce a stable replacement for lost teeth. You will soon be able to eat and drink as you used to before loss, as well as reveal a broad radiant smile.


Our skill and experience aided by technology

The advances in technology have been a major aid in dental science being able to develop a wide variety of oral treatments, especially over the past few decades. We are fortunate to have more than one dental clinician who has many years of experience in attaching dental implants in Bromley. The rapidly moving evolution of dentistry requires all of our team to attend regular seminars and training as new treatments and equipment are discovered.

Empathy, support and dedication

Losing a tooth for any reason can not only be painful, but also emotionally traumatic. Being patient centred is how we as a team strive to deliver a patient experience that is relaxed and stress free. We want you to explain to us how you are feeling and how you would like us to help you. Your dental expectations are very important to us because these are what we are here to deliver to all of our patients. No two patients have the same desires and expectations and we want to know what yours are so that we can at least achieve and hopefully exceed them. We will discuss any oral treatment with you in great detail so that you can decide what you would like to do. Our diagnosis and recommendations are made with your best interests in mind, but the ultimate decision, whether to proceed or not, is always yours to make.

Your teeth are yours to keep!

Sometimes you don’t realise what you have got until you lose it! You get a baby set of teeth and then eventually a final adult set. Your part of the oral maintenance deal is to brush and floss at least twice a day and visit us twice a year, we will do the rest. We will guide you and advise you and make sure that we do everything that we can to help you retain your teeth. Even if you don’t follow our advice and you end up losing teeth through poor dental hygiene we have a permanent solution for you.

Always here for you

Our dental team at Bromley Dental Practice are dedicated to making your dental experience a good one. Dental implants in Bromley involve a procedure that places a small titanium post into your jawbone to act as a normal tooth root would do. By making a small incision in your gum and drilling a tiny hole aided by computer technology our experienced dentist can precisely place the ‘root’ for your new tooth into your jawbone. This provides a stable base for an abutment which is attached to the root and the new crown is placed onto the abutment. The result is a replacement tooth which looks just like the natural teeth in your mouth. After a short period you are able to chew your food and smile as you did before you lost your tooth.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Invisalign: the way to a beautiful smile

With alignment issues such as crowded or gapped teeth, over or underbites, or crossbite, there is a treatment that we offer here at Bromley Dental Practice that is almost invisible to other people. Invisalign in Bromley is a treatment that consists of plastic aligners that are transparent, so only the teeth should be visible to other people. The aligners are removable, so with Invisalign in Bromley, you won’t need to worry about wearing them when you are eating, or when you are cleaning your teeth. You will be able to continue eating normally and you should also be able to maintain excellent oral hygiene standards. Getting a beautiful smile has just got a whole lot easier!


What do aligners do?

Aligners are worn on top of your teeth like a gum shield and they press against the teeth to push them into the correct alignment. You will have to switch between your aligners every couple of weeks, and we will give you the number of aligners you will need for 6 weeks. After this, you can then come to see us for a check-up and we can provide you with the next aligners that you will need. The aligners are made precisely for your mouth using iTero technology. This is a digital scan that we use to obtain the precise measurements of your mouth for your aligners to be made for you, so you should find that they are very comfortable to wear as they are made for your mouth alone. From the scan, we can also generate an animation of what your teeth will look like by the end of the treatment, so you can be clear what the end goal is, before you have started your Invisalign journey. This should motivate you to wear your aligners, if you need any encouragement!

Beauty and benefits

Aside from getting a wonderful smile, Invisalign in Bromley can also allow you to brush your teeth properly. Once your teeth are in alignment, they should be much easier to clean. You could also discover other benefits, such as improved speech and the ability to chew your food properly. You may also find that if you had jaw pain, prior to treatment, that this is also reduced or eliminated as well. There are so many reasons to love Invisalign, alongside the fact that you could achieve your new smile in as little as 6 to 18 months. What’s not to love about that?


If you want to find out more about how Invisalign works and if it’s the right treatment for your needs, make an appointment for a consultation with our friendly, professional and highly experienced team. We will examine your mouth to ascertain what your alignment issues are, before recommending the best treatments for you. We will explain what each entails, so that you can make an informed decision. If we do recommend Invisalign and you choose to go ahead with it, you could have a healthy and happy smile that you can be proud of in a matter of months.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


For dental implants, come and see us 6 days a week!

At Bromley Dental Practice, we have two dentists who offer dental implants in Bromley as a treatment for securing replacement teeth in your mouth permanently. Both of these dentists have vast experience; one training in a centre of excellence in the United States, the other having treated over 3000 patients with dental implants in his 30 year career. If you are considering replacing your missing teeth with dental implants in Bromley, there are many reasons why you should. Having missing teeth can lead to further dental problems, when natural teeth and the gums are left more exposed to bacteria. Your face can also shrink as it loses its structure, and you can develop speech and chewing issues. With replacement teeth options of crowns, bridges or dentures to treat a single missing tooth, through to a whole set respectively, dental implants ensure that they are firmly fixed into position 24 hours a day, and they shouldn’t go anywhere.


How do dental implants work?

Dental implants in Bromley are metal screws that are small enough to be placed in the jawbone, where you have missing teeth. They are fixed rigidly, when the gums have healed around them, which normally takes weeks or a few months. Being made of titanium metal, the body’s tissues heal well with this material. Our dentists will then use an abutment to attach the replacement teeth to the dental implants, so that the implants become like bionic tooth roots!

Why do people choose to have dental implants?

The idea of dental implants is that they allow you to have teeth that function like your natural ones in that you won’t need to worry about removing them when you are going to bed or when you wish to clean them. They are also easy to look after, just like original teeth. All you need to do is brush and floss, and come to see us for routine dental check-ups. You shouldn’t need to remove your dental implants at any point. If you take care of your implants in this way, you could have them for the rest of your life, plus your replacement teeth won’t be able to develop cavities! You also won’t need to avoid particular foods for fear of loosening your prosthetic replacements. Everything is on the menu, so you can just go right ahead and tuck in! Also, if your face has become more aged-looking with having missing teeth, you may find that you could look younger once you have your dental implants and this is certainly a result that many patients enjoy. This is because the implants give the face the structure it needs to allow the skin to be supported and look smoother. You could also find chewing food and speaking becomes easier too.

Will dental implants hurt, when they are fitted?

Having implants fitted is not major surgery and you will have local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything, when it is happening. You will just need a couple of appointments to have them fitted. The first is when we put the screws in and attach temporary replacement teeth and the second appointment is when the permanent ones are fixed onto the implants, once the gums have healed.

If this sounds like the treatment you’d like to get your smile looking beautiful and natural again, come to see us at Bromley Dental Practice, so we can get started on exploring your treatment options with you.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.