Invisalign in Bromley and what comes after

Invisalign in Bromley is a state of the art orthodontic treatment that has many people secretly undergoing treatment before your eyes without you even knowing it and you too can enjoy the many benefits that this discrete treatment has to offer. But what comes after orthodontics? What happens when your teeth are straight? Is it enough or is there an extra mile you can go to get that perfect smile? At Bromley Dental Practice we understand that some people may have worn down and chipped teeth as well as teeth that may need to be straightened. Some people may have yellowed or stained teeth that are keeping them from enjoying the full potential of their new straight smile which is why we offer cosmetic treatment post orthodontics in order to help you gain the full advantage of a perfect smile.

About Invisalign

This is an orthodontic treatment that uses removable clear aligners to straighten your teeth by applying slight pressure that pushes them into place. The treatment itself is just about invisible and can be controlled from the comfort of your own home. Changing these aligners weekly does not need to be overseen by a dentist and because they are removable you can enjoy all the foods you always have and ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned each day; clear aligners do not affect your lifestyle.

Post orthodontic treatments

Correcting crooked teeth with Invisalign in Bromley is a great start to getting that perfect smile, but a perfect smile is more than just straight teeth. People often want them to be bright and white as well and to have any imperfections covered up.

Whitening treatments – A whitening treatment is a perfect way to finish off the orthodontic treatment. Once your aligners have done their work and before you get anything else done to your teeth we advise that you whiten them. Not only to finish off that lovely Hollywood smile but also to set the standard of the colour of any composite bonding or veneers you may need.

Composite bonding – this helps correct the shape of the tooth should you have small chips or uneven wear. Through composite bonding we are able to reconstruct your teeth to fix minor imperfections without the need for veneers. A composite bonding material will be matched to the shade of your teeth and is later hardened with a special light to make it strong and long lasting.

Veneers – Veneers are porcelain coverings that can hide a multitude of issues with your teeth from large chips to unsightly stains. Veneers can be custom created to cover a tooth or multiple teeth that need to be hidden for whatever reason. Once you have finished a treatment of Invisalign in Bromley we can hide any other imperfections with this treatment. White fillings – If you have any old amalgam fillings in your teeth, chances are they are pretty visible, especially when you laugh. We can remove those old metal fillings and replace them with tooth coloured ones to improve the look of your teeth.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


The ultimate solution for missing teeth with dental implants in Bromley

When it comes to missing teeth there are a number of solutions that could help you, but by far the most secure, and long-lasting solution is dental implants in Bromley. We at Bromley Dental Practice know this to be true but don’t take our word for it, let us explain each option available for missing teeth and compare them to implants so that you can make your own decisions for the future of your oral health.


Crown Bridges

A bridge of teeth is used to close a gap of multiple missing teeth or just a single missing tooth, so if you have a few teeth in a row missing, this bridge of false teeth is custom created to fit in your specific gap. On each side of these false teeth are crowns which are secured onto the teeth that exist on each side of the gap, these teeth will need to be filed down slightly in order to snugly fit into the crowns but once the bridge is fixed in place the dental arch will be restored once more. The problem with bridges is that food can slip under the bridge as it rests gently on top of the gum so careful care and cleaning needs to be done when wearing bridges to avoid rotting food and gum disease.


Dentures have been worn for centuries and while the materials used have evolved to look as convincing as possible and they do a moderately good job of chewing food there are some major downfalls to these oral appliances.

Unreliable – the biggest problem patients have with loose-fitting dentures is that they fall out at the worst times when singing, laughing or even eating making these patients feel very self-conscious about partaking in these activities publicly thus lowering their quality of life enjoyment.

Breakable – because dentures are completely removable and can fall out, they are in fact more susceptible to breakage which can be costly in the long run.

Bone loss – there is a simple inescapable fact when it comes to losing teeth, once the tooth is completely gone, root and all, the bone no longer serves the function of holding it in place and so the body begins to reabsorb it. Those who wear dentures for a long time will suffer significant bone loss in the jaw.

Dental implants

Dental implants in Bromley offer a solution to all these problems as they are able to secure a single false tooth in place and well as bridges and an entire set of dentures too. By securing these different kinds of false teeth patients need not worry about food getting stuck and rotting, they need not worry about anything falling out and embarrassing them and they can rest assured that their bone remains firmly in place and are even encouraged to grow back through the use of titanium implanted into the jaw.

What you need to know about dental implants in Bromley is that they require surgery and have a long healing period of about 6 months before the false teeth can be secured to them. There is sedation on offer for patients nervous about the surgery and we will never send our patients home with a gap in the smile, we will provide a temporary false tooth, bridge or lose denture while you wait for your body to heal.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Smile makeovers start with Invisalign in Bromley

Invisalign in Bromley has helped thousands of patients get the beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of, it’s taken gapped teeth and pushed them together, realigned crooked and overcrowded smiles and fixed malocclusions time and again. However this is not all that Bromley Dental practice has to offer, a full smile makeover can begin with this orthodontic treatment but we can take it so much further than that.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign in Bromley is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that uses custom clear aligners to gently push the teeth into place over time. Depending on each person’s initial problems the process can take as little 7 -14 weeks or up to 9 months. Each person is different so each treatment is customised.

How does it work?

After determining that you are a good candidate for a smile makeover that starts with Invisalign in Bromley, we will perform a painless 3D imaging scan of your teeth. This scan relays information to a computer which then creates a 3D digital model of your mouth and can create a simulation for how your teeth will move over time which lets you see the results before treatment even begins.

If you are happy with what we can expect your teeth to look like then you give us the go-ahead and we send that information over to a lab which creates your custom clear aligners. Once we have received your sets of aligners we will teach you how to wear them when to take them out and for how long as well as how regularly you need to change them. After that, the treatment is in your own hands.

The beauty of these aligners is that they are invisible and no one will see you are even wearing anything. They are also removable which makes eating your favourite foods really easy and cleaning your teeth as normal as always.

After invisalign

Whitening – once you have the straight smile you always wanted it’s time to whiten and brighten, our inhouse whitening treatment will make your teeth a few shades whiter in just one session. We will expose all your teeth with a device that holds your lips open and then paint a special bleach onto each one, we then expose the bleached teeth to a special light with causes them to lighten.

Bonding – this step is needed if you have any chips in your teeth, we can apply composite bonding material to your chipped tooth and then sculpt it into the right shape in order to make your tooth whole again. Once you are satisfied with the look and have ensured we chose the right coloured material to match your new teeth, we will harden the substance with a special light making your chipped teeth brand new again.

Retainer – part of the Invisalign treatment is maintenance; your teeth are always going to want to go back to their old positions so you will be provided with a retainer to wear at night in order to keep your teeth in their new lovely straight position.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Get a new look with dental implants in Bromley

Whether you are about to have a number of teeth extracted, have been used to living with a bridge or even a full set of dentures, there is an option for you to replace missing teeth (however many that may be) with dental implants in Bromley. Achieve a new look and a transformed smile that not only works perfectly but re-establishes confidence in your day to day living because we at Bromley Dental Practice understand just how low your confidence and mental health can get if you are self-conscious about your teeth and we want to restore them in order to get you back to living in full abundance.


Why implants are your best option

Let’s start with the obvious; a loose set of dentures are always at risk of falling out at inopportune moments, it makes eating certain foods or even laughing a risky business when you are in public. Patients who have been living with dentures know what it means to always be thinking about what activities would make their teeth fall out causing a great deal of embarrassment which is something everyone wants to avoid. This can lead to a hesitation towards or even avoidance of partaking in activities and even eating foods that were once loved, this is no way to live and with dental implants in Bromley, we hope to change all of that.

Aside from the mental health issues that go along with avoidance behavior, there is an underlying physical problem that occurs when there are one or a few teeth missing and this is bone loss. The human body is capable of many things, including reabsorbing bone it no longer needs, the jaw bone is there to hold the teeth in place and therefore the teeth give it something to latch onto, but when we are missing teeth due to injury, decay or simply old age, the jaw bone no longer serves the body so it begins to dissolve, causing the face to appear sunken and old.

Both these issues are serious but both are avoidable with implants, in fact they are reversible. By having a set of fixed implants which secure false teeth neatly in place, you will be able to partake in activities and enjoy all the foods you would normally have without worrying about your teeth falling out. Also, your jaw bone will once again have something to latch onto and is encouraged to grow back thanks to the titanium used for the implant which human bone tissue loves to grow on.

The procedure

This is an intense surgical procedure that can last a few hours if multiple dental implants in Bromley are needed, but as with all dental procedures you will not feel a thing as your mouth will be made numb and, if you are particularly nervous, we can even provide you with a sedative that will help you relax.

The implant dentist will carefully cut open the gum and drill into the bone in order to place the implant. Then the gum will be stitched up and you will be provided with a temporary bridge or denture in order to return home for a few months while the bone healing process takes place. We will then secure the implant to the jaw enough to fix a false tooth or set of dentures to.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Closing gaps with Invisalign in Bromley

While there are a number of options out there for orthodontic care and cosmetic treatments that help the appearance of your smile, if you are looking for a safe and non-invasive solution to close the gaps between your teeth then Invisalign in Bromley may be able to help you. We at Bromley Dental practice know how self-conscious people can be about their teeth and gaps can make you look older and open you up to infection, which is why an invisible, non-surgical solution is a better option to unsightly traditional braces.


Diastema or gaps in the teeth

This condition refers to gaps in the teeth and can form anywhere in the mouth but is most often seen in the front teeth, particularly between the top two front teeth. It is difficult to pinpoint a cause but often it is due to someone’s teeth being too small for their jaw bone, so spaces grow between them. This is normally a hereditary issue, with the same gaps seen in parents as well as their children. It can also be caused by an overgrowth of gum tissue between the teeth, in which case a laser can be used to first trim away this tissue before you undertake orthodontic treatment.

In the past, braces were used to pull the teeth into the correct position so that they fit snugly next to one another, but this takes a long time and doesn’t look very appealing, especially for adults. With the invention of Invisalign in Bromley, we are able to gently push your teeth into position over a shorter period of time than it takes with traditional braces and achieves the same result.


This treatment can take less than 4 months to close small gaps in your teeth, for more complicated cases of crowding and misalignment it may take longer, depending on the individual. One thing is guaranteed, it is almost completely invisible. No one will see that you have an aligner in your mouth as it is completely clear and clips perfectly onto your teeth. But how is this achieved if each person is different?

The secret lies in the innovative 3D scanning technology that analyses your teeth and creates a 3D model of them on a computer, which means no gooey molds. The computer then creates a simulation of how your teeth are expected to move over time and is able to 3D print the aligners to custom fit you at each point in your treatment time in order to shift your teeth in exactly the right way to close the gap. Invisalign in Bromley can transform your smile and close the gaps which are making you feel self-conscious in order to give you the healthy teeth you’ve been wanting. Clear aligners are becoming the preferred choice for orthodontics the world over as they cost less and take less time than traditional braces.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


A guide to dental implants in Bromley

The unfortunate reality of a missing or broken tooth could result in a loss of confidence and no small amount of personal embarrassment. Even a set of dentures for those of you who have tried to hide missing teeth may cause you some discomfort and insecurity when it comes to speaking or even eating in public. Getting dental implants in Bromley, here at the Bromley Dental Practice can bring back quality of life as well as your former confidence by getting implants that fit securely in your jawbone to support a convincing and secure set of crowns or bridges so that your life can go back to normal.


Where dental implants started

Implants today come from centuries worth of testing and learning, you can be confident that dentists have been improving this procedure well past what you may even know about your own family tree. Evidence of the ancient Chinese having used bamboo pegs to replace missing teeth has been discovered, as well as similar evidence from the ancient Egyptians. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that the procedure we use today was first invented and the research that has been done since has given us the immensely successful results published in many studies.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Bromley are small titanium posts or screws that are planted and embedded into your jawbone. Titanium is very tough and has a high tensile strength which makes it the preferred material for this procedure, it is also the only metal that isn’t rejected by the human body, in fact, bone loves to grow and fuse with it. The implants act like the root of a tooth to hold not only the tooth but the bone itself in place.

The procedure

We offer sedation for nervous patients, those of you who have anxieties about being at the dentist or having surgery can have it performed while sleeping. The surgery in question can take from 30 minutes for a single implant to 3-4 hours for multiple implants but wherever your needs may be, the surgery itself remains the same.

The dentist will numb the area that needs to be worked on even if you are sedated, our aim is  to not cause you pain but to improve your quality of life. Once the area is ready a small incision will be made in the gum in order to expose the bone, in some cases a tooth will first need to be removed. Once the dentist has made space for the implant with drills and other special tools, the titanium screw is then inserted and the area is stitched up. It will then be up to your body to heal, as the bone needs to grow around the implant, this can take 6-8 months to occur before permanent dentures, crowns, or bridges can be attached.

Will I ever have gaps?

Never. Immediately after surgery, you will be fitted with a set of temporary crowns or bridges, you will need to handle these with care over the course of the healing period and be mindful of the foods you eat but we will never leave you with embarrassing gaps when you get dental implants in Bromley.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Getting ready for a wedding at a cosmetic dentist in Bromley

Planning for your big day often takes months, if not years and whether you are the bride or groom, one of the parents or a member of the wedding party, chances are you want to look your absolute best for the photos. Because while photoshop can fix a few things here and there, nothing can fake a genuine and confident smile.  At Bromley Dental Practice, your cosmetic dentist in Bromley, we offer you and your wedding party the opportunity to get that winning smile long before the photos are taken so that you can step into the big day with confidence and a beautiful smile worth preserving forever.


Dental Implants:

Time needed – 6-8 months

Although this is the most invasive and time-consuming procedure to get a great smile, if you have dentures that you feel uncomfortable with or are missing a few teeth then implants are the better option for replacing teeth to look good in wedding photos. Dental Implants are titanium screws that are placed into the jaw bone, the recovery time needed for the bone to fuse to the screws is usually 6-8 months before permanent crowns, bridges or dentures can be securely fitted. However, should an accident happen closer to the big day and a single tooth is knocked out, it is possible to replace that tooth with an implant and convincing replica to ensure that there are no gaps in your precious memories.


Time needed – 6 months

This treatment is for people with crooked teeth and malocclusions, clear aligners can fix a bad bite as well as straighten out teeth or bring them closer together if they have spaces between them. A set of custom aligners will be made for you to change out every 1-2 weeks leading up to the wedding without having the extra expense or effort of constantly going to the dentist for an adjustment. The best part of a clear aligner is that no one will even notice you wearing one as it gently pushes your teeth into place over a few months. On average people undergo treatment for 6 months, some are complete in less time, others in more, consult with the cosmetic dentist at Bromley on the time you have until the wedding and what can be realistically achieved.


Time needed – 2 appointments

Porcelain veneers are a coverup for less than perfect teeth. They can hide a multitude of problems like stained or chipped teeth as well as crooked teeth. If you do not have the time to wait for Invisalign to work then porcelain veneers are a good solution to getting that winning smile you are no doubt picturing in your mind. A tooth coloured ceramic ‘shell’ is placed over the teeth to create an aligned and pretty effect, this treatment is permanent so there is no going back once you’ve decided to get it done but they can last years if you look after them properly and they will not stain like tooth enamel does.


Time needed – a single appointment

Like porcelain veneers but faster, CEREC is able to create veneers, crowns and the like all while you wait patiently in the dentist’s chair. You won’t have to come back for a second appointment as most other veneers are created in a dental lab and then shipped to the dentist after your first consultation at a cosmetic dentist in Bromley.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Dental implants in Bromley, the solution to an unfortunate accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen; whether you fell down the stairs, got into an altercation or were involved in some other kind of mishap that resulted in a severe knock to the face, it has still caused a tooth to come loose and fall out. We at Bromley Dental Practice understand that this can be a very distressing situation for many people, but would like you to rest assured that with dental implants in Bromley, the solution to fixing the new gap in your smile is tried and tested and can make your smile look just like new again.


The danger of missing a tooth

Even just losing one tooth can create a host of problems in your mouth that you may be unaware of. If a front tooth gets knocked out the obvious main concern is that your smile is affected and you may lose a lot of confidence because of it, and if a back molar falls out, you may have issues with chewing; but what is more concerning than either of these things is the knock-on effect it will have on the other teeth. When space opens up between teeth it gives the other teeth an opportunity to move and shift and even to become infected.

What the root of a secure tooth does when it is anchored in the jaw is support the bone structure, if the root is pulled out, you will begin to lose bone mass in that area over time and it will become more difficult to get an implant to secure itself in place. The loss of bone mass will begin to change the shape of your face, making your cheeks appear sunken and aged, due to a loss of fullness, but all this can be avoided with dental implants in Bromley.

The single implant

For some people more than one tooth needs replacing, sometimes it’s a whole row, but in the case of an injury resulting in a single missing tooth, your surgery won’t take as long as a major smile replacement, and the healing time will be much quicker.

Once the dentist has made sure the area is clear of debris and is properly prepared for the implant, they will then place the titanium implant into the bone and sew the gum shut once more. Then a temporary tooth is attached to the area, so that you won’t need to worry about your aesthetics while you wait a few months for the bone to fuse with the implant.

At your final appointment, your dentist will check that the fusion process has worked correctly and if the implant is stable then a more permanent tooth is fixed to the abutment which is attached to the implant.

By restoring your mouth to its most natural state, you can boost your confidence with a winning smile that allows you to eat, talk and laugh as you normally used to prior to the accident, also there is no change in lifestyle with dental implants in Bromley. You can clean your teeth as usual, in fact, you may very probably forget that you even have an implant and prosthetic, due to how well they fit and function inside your mouth.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Can I get porcelain veneers at a cosmetic dentist?

Some of us would like to enhance our smile with as little effort as possible, for some people it may be stained teeth while others are trying to fill a gap. While there are other options like bleaching and braces, there is a quicker more appealing route in the form of veneers. We at Bromley Dental Practice understand that your time is important and perhaps you are even close to an event like a wedding and you feel you need something done about your smile and quick, a cosmetic dentist in Bromley should be your first stop when it comes to taking care of the aesthetics of your teeth.


What is a porcelain veneer?

Made from dental porcelain, veneers are a prosthetic device that can be prescribed and used by a cosmetic dentist in Bromley. A single veneer can be used to fix a single tooth that may be discoloured, become decayed or have completely come out, but in most cases, many people prefer to have a bright Hollywood smile with multiple teeth created, which is often known as a smile makeover.

Veneers can treat a few different things

Small teeth – many people have this problem, some experience it with the top teeth while others the bottom row of teeth. This means that there will be gaps between the teeth that may not be fixed from orthodontic treatments like braces, however, multiple veneers can completely close these spaces, creating a uniform smile without any gaps.

Worn teeth – Some people have worn away the edges of their teeth, whether it’s from years of use or severe teeth grinding that results in a prematurely aged appearance. Veneers can lengthen teeth once more no matter if they have been shortened by wear.

Crooked teeth – teeth that are malpositioned and appear crooked can be covered by veneers to create a straight looking smile without orthodontics.

Discolouration – yellow teeth that struggle to whiten with bleaching can be covered with porcelain veneers at your cosmetic dentist in Bromley. As the colour of each tooth can be custom made to brighten the underlying tooth and match the rest of the teeth or renew all of them if needs be. As well as providing you with a uniform colour, shape, and symmetry, veneers can fill in the black triangles that form between teeth that are caused by gum recession.

The process

While your custom porcelain veneers are being made, temporary ones will be used, the temporaries can help with sensitivity and they look just as good as real teeth. These are really important to help you decide on the final design of the veneers for both comfort and aesthetics.

Veneers are an elegant solution to a visual dental problem and can last 13-25 years depending on how you care for them, they are not reversible so the decision to get them needs to be a firm one, but the treatment only takes place over two appointments and they look like natural teeth with the added benefit of not being able to stain.

Bromley Dental Practice

Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.


Should I get dental implants in Bromley?

If you have one or several missing teeth then it is time to consider getting dental implants in Bromley. The longer you leave it the more likely the chances are of developing other dental issues that go beyond the aesthetic. We, at Bromley Dental Practice, have a list of options to suit your individual tooth replacement needs and will get you back to having the confident smile you deserve. However before going to your initial appointment we would like to answer as many questions as possible for you, to help put your mind at ease.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Bromley are titanium posts that are placed in the jawbone, which mimic the root of a natural tooth. They anchor a false tooth in the mouth with great long-lasting success in the majority of cases, supporting natural looking prostheses for many years.

Dental implants are an important option for replacing missing teeth, because they support the jaw structure, thus avoiding any changes in the facial shape or sunken looking jaws that will make you look older than you are. They are not just there to fill the gap in a smile, although they work seamlessly for that purpose, they are created for overall dental health and longevity helping you continue with life unimpeded. With these implants, you will be able to enjoy all the foods you desire and continue to take care of your oral health in the long run.

What do they feel like?

The surgery itself is performed under local anaesthetic ensuring that you go through the procedure with minimal to no discomfort, it is considered to be gentle, as no force is used as in the case with tooth removal surgery where some force is necessary. Once the implant is in place, the gum will be closed to allow the healing process to take place, and once the swelling goes down after a few days it will feel completely normal.

After surgery

It is normal to feel a little tender after the anaesthetic wears off, and for a few days it is advised that you chew away from the site of the new implant. In the case where a bridge is attached on the same day as the implant surgery, a diet of soft foods will be recommended for a short while. A course of antibiotics and mouthwash will be prescribed to ensure that infection does not occur and about two weeks after surgery you will visit your dentist again for a post-operative check-up, to see how well you are healing and to remove any stitches.

It will take a few months for your bone to fuse to the implant, but in that time a temporary tooth, crown, or bridge will be fixed into place, so that you may go about your life with confidence while you wait for your body to heal.

Consult your dentist about your options for dental implants in Bromley and the many benefits you will receive for taking care of your oral health in this way.

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Zaki graduated from University of Bristol 1999 and has practiced in Kent since then. He is passionate about dentistry and providing the highest standard of care for patients, at the same time, he keeps himself at the cutting edge of modern dental techniques.